Photo Bomb

Just a quick little post today.  I was recently taking pictures for listing another item in my Etsy shop (Old Raven).  I’ve been slowly expanding my shop from selling just my own handmade mixed media and (altered) art to include Vintage and Antique items.

There’s amazing treasures to be found at those Estate Sales, not only do I find items that I can include in my own art projects, but there’s plenty of pieces that I think might make interesting art supplies for others.  Not all the items are of a craft supply nature, either.  I frequently discover unique and collectible Vintage and Antique objects that I’m happy to add to my shops ever expanding inventory.

I was taking pictures of the (above) pair of mid century porcelain vases when I realized my photo set had subtly changed.


From one shot to the next, my cat, a beautiful Tortoiseshell called Smokey, appeared almost magically.  I say magically because how is it possible for an animal to not only penetrate a photo shoot but actually get settled in and be snoozing – all in the blink of an eye?

I gotta say though, she looks amazing on black velvet.  She got some lovies and then a serious discussion ensued as to the inappropriateness of her timing and location.  I was politely told to get lost and then loudly told to desist when I gathered her up and moved her to a soft upholstered chair.  She almost beat me back to the craft room.  I eventually won the battle but only due to my brute strength.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time I find Smokey in future shots.

Today I’m making hand-decorated kitten drawer knobs.  Smokey helped by stepping in the ivory paint.  Not sure what I would do without her.


Craft On

2 thoughts on “Photo Bomb

    1. Thanks T – I found a Vintage greeting card (from the 40s) that had all these totally adorable kittens on it and I knew just wanted I wanted to do with them. Glad you liked them. Have a superlative day!


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