Custom Christmas Advent Calendar – Continued

Today is going to see the front of this piece transformed into a Vintage Christmas Keepsake.


I’ve chosen a collage sheet that features all the numbers I need for the drawers pre-printed on lovey Christmas theme patterns (see the top sheet of paper in the lead photo).  The size of these little numbered scenes are very close to what I need for the drawers so there’s no enlarging or shrinking, just a bit of trimming up – yeah!!!  This sheet also has a number of larger scenes featuring Santa that are going to go perfectly on my cupboard doors.

But first I want to add just a little glitter to these Santas to make them have an even more Vintage feel to them.  Using a small fine paint brush and some diluted ModPodge (which I always keep a small tub of on hand) I just quickly brushed some glue on Santa’s beard and then sprinkled some glitter on.  I used Distress Stickles Dry Glitter in Hard Rock Candy, this (white) glitter has a great ‘Old Fashioned’ look to it where many modern glitters have blue, greens, etc. mixed in their white.  I also glittered the fur on Santa’s suits and some on the snow and Christmas trees.


The pictures weren’t quite bid enough to fill the space so for the panels on the front of the doors I used a glitter paper that had jeweled garnet tone that was very much in line with my color scheme.

This filled in the empty space nicely and the glitter paper had a very subdued sparkle that didn’t overpower the look of the Vintage art.


For the inside panels, I went a little different.


I used plain black paper to fill in the extra area on the inside panels letting the crystal sparkles I added be the main show here.

Tomorrow, the drawers get there numbered papers.

Join me and (Christmas) Craft On


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