Custom Christmas Advent Calendar – Continued

The next step for my custom order Christmas Advent Calendar is building the base unit (Kaisercraft SB2270).  But before glue meets wood – I paint.


Mini paint rollers and paint samples are time and money savers that I highly recommend.

20171108_163317 (2)

This model has a fireplace so I assembled it first (with no glue) to get a good perspective of where I wanted the brick paper to go.  I marked areas for the brick paper and painted around them so it would be very clear which pieces and which sides of those pieces would get paper.



Let me add here, I would always recommend pre-building Kaisercraft kits (dry, using no glue) so you get a good idea of where all those pieces go.  Unfortunately, KC never includes instructions in their kits though you can usually find a brief “how to” video on the net by searching “Kaisercraft (kit number) how to”.  Not only will you know where pieces go but it’s always possible – with any company’s kits – that a piece is wrong or missing.  In which case, you want to discover this BEFORE you’ve put a lot of time, materials and effort into a project.  (Yes, the voice of experience speaking here.)


I have extra sheets of the non-stick craft mats for when I paint, you can also use wax paper.


They don’t look like it, but these are the (25) drawers.  It is SO much easier to paint before you assemble.

Time for some of the paper to go on.  Usually, I don’t add paper until everything is assembled, but this unit with it’s fireplace and an interior back wall that’s nearly impossible to get to after assembly, required a change in routine.

But check out the papers picture at the top, see the size of those bricks?  I love the bricks, but proportionally, they are not going to work on this project.  Not to worry.  I shrunk down the paper to 40% of original.


Once I had the size I liked, I cut the pieces to fit the interior walls of the hearth.


But before I glue them on I rub the edges, which are a brilliant paper white when cut to size, along an ink pad, Archival Coffee, in this case.  Those white edges have a habit of creating a glaringly obvious seam on a project and it’s little details like this edge-inking that make all the difference in how professional a piece will look when it’s all done.

Back to work – Craft On.



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