Custom Christmas Advent Calendar – We Begin!

I just had a custom order come into my Etsy shop, Old Raven, for a Christmas Advent Calendar.  Advent Calendars have been around since the mid 1800s and they’ve been handmade as well as massed produced in a huge variety of styles from the very simple to incredibly intricate.  Some Advent’s are flat and made of chipboard and have (at least) 25 paper ‘doors’ to open that conceal special Bible verses or tiny paper gifts while others have cupboards or drawers where candy and small toys can be hidden.  Each door/drawer is numbered 1 through 25 and are opened each day starting on December 1st and leading up to Christmas (hence the ‘countdown’).


The Advent’s I create are meant to be used for many, many Christmases to come and hopefully, a family keepsake.  I like to think that years from now an adult will think back fondly on the fun and anticipation of pulling open those drawers to discover the treats their parents (or Santa) had left within.  And who says these are only for the kids – I think adults could have just as much pleasure hiding treasures for their spouse – a piece of favorite candy today, a pair of lovely earrings tomorrow – sounds like fun to me!


My customer sent me a custom request off my listing for this Chimney Advent Calendar kit by Kaisercraft, model SB2270.  I’ve worked with this base kit many times in the past but they have all been Halloween themed projects.  This will be my first Christmas project using this base, even though that’s clearly what it was designed for.  Still, I’m looking forward to where this creative adventure will take me.  Fortunately, my customer is allowing me my creative freedom to pretty much go with what feels right to me (yeah!) because I’ve never been one to plan a project from beginning to end.  I always just move from one step to the next trusting that what’s needed will present itself.


Step number one:  The Paper.  I went to the craft store looking for a paper that would go nicely on the outer walls of this project as I already had the front paper which would be numbered Vintage Christmas ornaments, but as it so frequently happens for me, I found this Old World Santa paper and my entire direction for this project changed.

And we’re off!            (You can Craft On, too.)


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