Banana Hanger + Bird Cage + Skeletons = Halloween Decor (?) Part 1 of 2

“When someone told me I live in a fantasy land, I nearly fell off my unicorn.” Anonymous

Just acknowledging the fact that I’m a bit weird, but I’ve learned to embrace it and now I just go with the flow when I see a bird cage at a second hand store and think ‘I could put that on banana hanger and make a Halloween curiosity out of it’.  Yeah, that’s my world.


So, I found this birdcage at a second-hand store for $1.50.  These can also be found at craft stores for around $6.


This banana hanger came from Tuesday Mornings and I paid the full $6.99 (gaaghh). But I wanted a banana hanger NOW!


I always have piles of little plastic skeletons on hand, don’t you?


This is my favorite spray paint – the ‘Hammered’ finish.  After a quick spray, these two pieces look like they were made to go together.


Cheap-o plastic teeth, but I have an idea…


A gaping maw of death!    Well, it will be eventually.


I sanded each one down making sure I got around the bottom of the tooth in particular.


A good swipe of Archival Mustard, again especially at the base of the tooth.


And my favorite go-to ink – Archival Coffee.  This is my fave color in permanent inks because it gives a really nice aged patina to paper and plastics.  The tooth on the left is pretty much finished (I end up adding a very little bit of Archival Black, too); but aren’t these looking like some nasty dirty teeth now?

See the prongs on the end of the teeth?  Those are for sticking into the pumpkin flesh but for my purposes, they’re a bit too long so I’m going to snip off about half.


Using a hot glue gun, I put a little dob on the metal rack where I’m going to place the tooth and then another glob on the bottom of the tooth prong and then hold it in place for moment as the glue sets.  Then it’s just on around the rest of the hanger base.


I’ve got all the teeth in place and it’s time to make the “gums”.


I just ran a bead of hot glue in between each tooth.  Don’t forget to fill in the inside of the gum line as needed, too.


It’s just a matter of adding layer upon layer, just be sure to let the glue cool sufficiently in between layers or you’ll wind up with a hot mess, literally.


Now I’ve got the ‘roots’ covered up to a normal gum line (okay, that sounds extremely weird) but you get what I mean in this instance, right?


Color time – I put a couple of blobs of glue on my craft mat and select a few colors that I thought would make good monster gums.


Considering the surface I would be working on, I decided to just go with the direct approach and simply ‘touched’ the end of the dispenser tip to the gum and let it barely drip out.  Then I used the tip to spread it around when necessary.


Ewwww, I like it.  But I think a bit more color.


Another layer of Salmon – I like it but still not enough.


Yes!  The Red Pepper did the trick.  Did I need the two undercoats of Salmon – not sure – but I like what I’ve got now.


The final color of alcohol inks is Pebble.  I just barely added a touch/drop right at the base of each tooth front and back.  I like how it leached up into the base of each tooth as well as down into the gums.  It looks like this monster does not practice proper dental hygiene – perfectly gross.

In my next post I’ll finish up the base and see to those poor souls trapped in the cage above.

Part 2 coming soon, now craft on people!




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