25 Drawer Apothecary Style Jewelry Box

This post won’t be a breakdown of how I made this jewelry box as I’ve stepped out the process before in a couple of other posts.  As usual, my apothecary cabinets start with a Kaisercraft base, in this instance I used the SB2204 Shadow Box Drawers.


Remember, if you would like to try your hand at making one of these chests, I sell the Kaisercraft product shown above ( and others) in my Etsy shop – Old Raven.  Just click on the Etsy tab above and it will take you right there.  AND, oh yeah, this finished jewelry box is now listed in my shop – Old Raven, if you happen to be looking for a unique jewelry cabinet for yourself or some other very special person.


One of my favorite crafting supplies that I use for decorating these cabinets is Vintage Wallpaper.  Sometimes I get lucky at an Estate Sale and find a whole roll of this great old paper.  Granted, it is a bit difficult to work with because the paper will usually have become brittle from age (most of my Vintage Wallpaper comes from the 1930s to 1950s).  But it’s worth the hassle because the colors they used combined with the beauty of the patterns simply cannot be copied in today’s papers.  And for me, I like the crackled patina and sometimes, even a little stain or two because I think it just adds to, and testifies to, the age and patina that I very highly value in my crafting.


I just love the artistry that was prevalent in the “yesterdays”.  And this was a double win because coral is one of my favorite colors.

Putting pearls with this paper was a natural – just a subtle but rich bit of bling.


I did try something new with this project though, I made it specifically to be a jewelry chest.  I added four small ivory-painted hooks to the recessed area so necklaces, bracelets, etc could be hung.


I also lined every drawer with white felt .  The drawers are a good size for a jewelry box, there about 1½” x 1½” so large enough for a chunky pearl necklace or small enough for rings.


But though I focused on the jewelry storage aspect, the felt can come right out as can the hooks and this could be used for any type of storage like a stash box, trinket box, spice box or simply placed on a mantle for display.  All done.

Hope you liked my latest upcycle (Vintage Wallpaper, not just for walls anymore).

Okay – craft on everyone.

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