Branding Your Business

I have an online shop with Etsy called Old Raven.  I sell my handmade altered art projects there as well as craft supplies and Vintage/Antique items that I find rummaging through Estate Sales where I love to find things to incorporate in to my altered art.

Now Etsy has really been on a roll for the last year or so on pushing the importance of “branding your shop”.  And of course, they’re 100% correct.  Example:  If you see a certain type of check mark you immediately know that item is part of the Nike line. We’re surrounded by logos that at a single glance we’re able to identify the brand.  Branding works!

I got on the branding train early with my shop.  The raven pictured above is on my emails, Facebook, Pinterest (and of course, here on my blog), I stamp it on my mailing labels, it’s on my business cards and in my shop banner.  Is there anybody out there besides me that recognizes this raven as the brand logo for Old Raven?  Doubtful.

But that won’t slow me down and frankly I don’t have a grand desire for Old Raven to own a 3% share in the crafting industry.  I’m very happy being a little shop based in Boise, Idaho and my items of branding are really just one more art project that I get to play with and call it a living.

Today’s post is about a new toy my favorite crafter/designer Tim Holtz came up with.  A Ring Tag Press.  You know those round drop tags that are used for pricing items, labeling keys or in paper craft land – artistic accents.  As soon as I saw this new press and the tags it makes, I knew just where it would fit in with my “branding”.



Every time I ship out an order from my Etsy shop I include one of these Glassine Envelopes that contains my business card which has my shop banner, email & etsy address and my name – all on the front.  And on the back, there’s a message to visit my blog for crafting tips and DYIs as well as the blog’s address.  The envelope also has a “Thank You” stamped on the back in black ink.  The last item is a little handmade drop tag with my Raven logo printed on one side.  It’s just a little gift for the buyer that can be used as a gift tag or accent piece.  Enter the PRESS TAG.

This is Tim Holtz Tag Press and the sample pack of rings that it comes with.  It also includes a template (bottom right) for drawing the appropriate sized circles if you don’t have the paper punches (which are not included/sold separately) to cut them out by hand with scissors.


One thing I figured out quickly was that the template instantly disappears when you lay it down, so a quick run around the edges with a black sharpie fixed that problem.


I’ve already built a file so I can just print off my logo in sheets that I have up until now used a small drop tag shaped punch on.  See upper right above.  I thought/hoped I could use the same printouts for these and it worked.  Before I move on though…


This is the back of the Tag Press package, see the red line?  Tim makes punches that go with this Tag Press but he’s also letting you know that you may already have circle punches that will work just fine. So I go to my punch drawer in my crafting tool box…



and find that, yes, I do have punches that will work.  What, you don’t have a tool box yet?


I punch a raven and insert it into the ring per instructions (video on Tim Holtz bolg, look for 2017 Sneak Peek – Idea-ology (part2) and you’ll see just how easy it is to make these, the part pertaining to the Tag Press is towards the end of that video if you’re in a hurry.


How cool is this!  My logo looks great in this ring.


Using a 1/8″ punch, I make a hole for the string to go through.


I run through some color-coordinated Baker’s Twine and – perfection.


I liked my old tags but these new one’s are awesome – they look so professional.  But somethings wrong.  Oh yeah, they look too new.


Alcohol Inks to the rescue.  I loaded up a piece of felt with some colors…

and tapped the metal edge of the one tag I had finished.  I knew the alcohol ink would bleed onto the paper but I was curious to see how it would turn out.  It was okay, but for the next two tags I “aged” the metal ring prior to inserting the paper – much better.


It gave them just a touch of aged “Distress” look.  I’m really pleased with how these came out.  For me and my art work, it’s all about the little things and the attention to detail. Probably a lot folks just toss these free little tags I send them, but I think some will really enjoy these fun logo tags.

Time to Craft On.


2 thoughts on “Branding Your Business

  1. I waited until I could spend time reading this post – wonderful! I love the ring tag tool and learning about your strategies on branding your Etsy business. You are like my Etsy hero! Someday if I return to selling on Etsy I am going to revisit this post for ideas, thanks!


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