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Bear with me, I promise I’ll get to the Mod Podge business shortly, but first a little update. Been a little crazy here in camp Old Raven.  As my sales continue to rise in my online Etsy shop I’ve been trying to cram in more supplies so I can make more goodies but the fact is, my craft room is just not large enough to hold it all.  A second bathroom next to the craft room has a couple of floor to ceiling cupboards that are packed with fabric that I’ve collected/hoarded over the years.  I originally opened my shop with some purses I made and, in fact, that was my very first sale on Etsy.


But as my shop developed it was my Apothecary Cabinets that became the most popular items so now it would appear that it’s time to let go of my fabric stash.  THIS WAS NOT AN EASY DECISION.  Sell my fabric?!?!?  So I took pictures…

and listed it on my communities Facebook page as well as on Craigslist and OMG it was like locust descending on a wheat field. I listed it in the morning and my first buyer was there in an hour and for the next two days all projects were put on hold as I measured and bagged fabric.  The few remains were donated to a group who make quilts for kids in the hospital.  Whew, am I glad that’s done.  Now, to the meat of this post: Mod Podge.




Primarily, I use two types of Mod Podge – the Matte finish and the Gloss finish.  I use them as a glue for sticking down paper like craft paper, scrapbook paper, Vintage wallpaper, etc. and then I usually seal the project with either of those Matte or Gloss finishes when I’m done.

Overall, I would say I’m okay with the Mod Podge product but I’ve noticed a degree of “tackiness” especially on my Apothecary Cabinets and their drawers, which tend to stick a bit.  It just takes a little jiggle and the drawers break free but I would much prefer they slide out smooth.  I searched online a couple of times for the answer to this solution from “is there a better/different product I could use?” to “help” directly from Mod Podge – all with no real response.

Recently, I reread the label on a new bottle of Mod Podge Gloss and found a comment that led to a link that led to someone from Mod Podge sending me some info that I found very informative.  My question(s) to them had been:

I use a number of Mod Podge products but primarily it’s Mod Podge Matte and Mod Podge Gloss. With the Matte, I painted (acrylics) and collaged building blocks then sealed them with Matte but they had a bit of tackiness to them and when I set them outside (not in direct sunlight) in the summer to see if I could harden them more, they blistered in some spots. Now, the project I’m currently working on is covering a wood storage unit with real wallpaper and then I sealed it with Mod Podge Gloss. On reading the label it states “To eliminate tackiness, apply Clear Acrylic Sealer over cured Mod Podge”. You’ve capitalized those three words as if in reference to a product you make but what EXACTLY is that product, the full specific name, please. So this is a two part question: 1. What should I use for future building block projects to avoid the tackiness but it needs to be a Matte. 2. the name of the “Clear Acrylic Sealer”, in this instance, a Gloss. Thank you for your help. Kriss Church owner Old Raven on Etsy


Thank you for your inquiry.  Mod Podge is a Decoupage Medium.  Mod Podge seals paper and fabric in a Decoupage application.

In Decoupage, Mod Podge glues your paper or fabric to your hard surface.  Then, when applied over the paper or fabric, seals your paper or fabric with a non-toxic product.

Mod Podge dries within 40 minutes to and hour.  However, Mod Podge cures in 4 to 6 weeks.  Once cured, the application of a spray acrylic sealer give it a hard protective seal.

The formulas of Mod Podge that you have been using do not dry hard, that is the reason for the tackiness you have been experiencing.

However, the Mod Podge Hardcoat formula, does not dry tacky as it has a hard finish.  Therefore, a spray acrylic is not required although you can apply it for additional durability if you would like.  The cure time is the same for all Mod Podge Decoupage formulas.

Well smack me upside the head!  Wouldn’t it be nice if that little fact…

“Mod Podge dries within 40 minutes to and hour.  However, Mod Podge cures in 4 to 6 weeks.  Once cured, the application of a spray acrylic sealer give it a hard protective seal”…

was made known on the bottle?  And 4 to 6 weeks????  Holy Smokes!!!!  GRRRRRRR  This is not how I like to discover things – you know – the hard way.  Shame on you Mod Podge, it should not have been this difficult to discover what “I was doing wrong” to get the less than perfect results I was experiencing.

I hope others find this post enlightening.  Will I continue to use Mod Podge?  I probably will but I must admit that now I will be keeping an eye out for a possible replacement for their products. So if you’ve been using something that you think is terrific SHARE it here, please!  Our art deserves a happy ending.

Oh yeah, crafting on.

3 thoughts on “About Mod Podge…

  1. Ah I was wondering what happened to you! Congrats on your Etsy shop really taking off – it is a missed blessing I am sure – more sales but so much more work. Glad your fabric sold so quickly related to your decision to focus your popular Etsy items. Interesting info on Mod Podge! Will have this for future reference 🙂


    1. Thanks T – I just had to get that off my chest. I don’t like to do “rant” posts but I think others have probably ran into this problem. I hope my post prevents someone else from a crafting mishap.


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