Books and Jewelry Boxes


I’M NOT COMPLAINING, but, my Etsy shop has been BUSY which is not what was happening this time last year.  Usually March is starting the slow down cycle of the summer months.  I normally use these coming months to get caught up on those items I sold out of through the Holiday blitzkrieg of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But this March saw my sales double (whoohoo) and with a small flurry of custom orders as well, seems like I’ve just been taking care of business and my blog was a voice calling from far away.

Well, that ended, at least a little bit, this week.  I’ve made four dozen of my alcohol ink Easter eggs.  They’re always so much fun and like Tim Holtz claimed when he made his instructional video on these “they’re like M & Ms, you can’t make just one.  And that’s too true, I break out my (extensive) collection of inks and start dabbing and swirling and before I know it hours have gone by – they’re just that much fun to play with.

But that’s not what’s in the picture, though, huh?  This is a new item I’m introducing into my shop, (Old Raven on Etsy, if you’re new here to my blog).  I’m a book lover, I always have a book going and I’m a sucker for those beautiful old leather bound volumes that practically break your wrists as you try to read them sitting up in bed.  I also love using books for decorative purposes.  A stack of well worn hardbounds on a coffee table with a compass perched on top is the perfect accent for any living room.

I’ve been searching for a wholesaler that makes wood boxes that look like books.  Many make these but I wanted ones that have a drawer that slides out not a cover that opens up, that is proving to be very rare indeed.

The reason for this structure is that I wanted to be able to stack them so that when I’m finished it will be a small chest of drawers.  And the result is:


I’m really pleased.  This came out even better than what I had imagined.  One of the things that really made a difference is the brass feet on this piece.  I firmly believe that raising a piece up, even if it’s just a little bit, always gives a piece a “finished” look and this was especially true here.  These arched ornate feet were the perfect fit to coordinate with the truly lovely Florentine papers that I found to cover the blank boxes.


Using four colors of paint and a specialty brush I created a faux look of old worn pages.  Two colors of ink added to the patina of age.


I also learned a valuable lesson while shopping for the fancy little brass pulls I found to put on the “spine” of the books drawers.  I went to a local craft store that I knew had a fair selection of drawer pulls but quickly discovered that they were all way to big.  I knew I had seen some back in their scrapbooking department so I headed that direction.  A sales person greeted me on my way and asked if I was finding everything I needed and I told her of what I looked at and where I was going to when she offered to show me another selection in another section of the store.  Score!  These were just what I had in mind and the price was very reasonable.  I gathered up a double handful of drawer pulls, some for now some for the next round, then I went on to the scrapbooking section.  Sure enough, there were pulls there too.  In fact they were exactly the same pulls, just in different packaging, different “brand” but the biggest  difference was the price.  These same pulls were twice as expensive in the scrapbooking as in the “unfinished wood” department that the clerk had taken me to.  Amazing, within the same store such a huge difference in price.  It certainly paid to look twice in this instance.


But once all the pieces/parts were collected the creating began and each stage made me happy to have given this project a go.  I love how it turned out.  Presenting my new “Jewelry Book Box”:


When I thought of making this I knew I wanted to use Florentine style papers but I think a chest done in my Faux Leather paper would look interesting, as well, especially for the “male” market.  What sort of covers would you want to see on your Jewelry Book Box?

Craft On

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