Mint Tin Shrines


Upcycle, recycle, repurpose, reinvent, whatever word works for you, I think it’s great when somebody takes an object that would normally wind up in the trash and gives it a new life.

Case in point – the humble mint tin.  You know, like Altoids, Yorks, Breez or Newman’s Own, etc. there are many manufacturers  and you can even get personalized mint tins for weddings, parties, promotions and the like.

For this project I used Newman’s Own brand of mint tins.  There are four different flavors so there are four different styles of box art and they are all really beautiful, take a look…


Usually, when upcycling tins into art, folks completely remove or obliterate the paint/design on the tins but since these are so cool I just incorporated the art into my project.


DRAGONS    I love dragons, I always have and this tin was the first one I chose to “alter”.  I began by sanding off all the words and numbers, the product info on the back and just generally “distressing” the tin so it would hold the new paint I would be applying and give me the aged patina that I was after.

Using matching paint, I touched up areas where I had removed script to fill back in blank spots.  It was a “learn as you go” experiment but overall I’m please at how it turned out.

I’m also a big fan of Ravens (you probably guessed that, already).  So inside this tin I was able to use a piece of art that I just love for a couple of reasons:  Oriental Watercolor (yum) and Raven (yum) = perfect.


On the other (in)side panel I added some found objects including another dragon.

IMG_0010 (2)

And the back of the tin carries on with the overall Oriental theme.




So,  mint tin to altered art tin.  Like me and Madonna says “beauty’s where you find it”. Amen.

Craft On people.

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