Know You Are Loved – A Valentine Gift


I know my last post indicated I would be adding the next installment of The Giant Apothecary but alas, this pesky broken shoulder just won’t let me get to the last few steps to get that thing finished off!  And I gotta tell ya, it’s really FRUSTRATING.

So, taking a step back and a deep breath I decided to turn my currently limited creative talents to another project that’s quick but definitely worth doing.  A Shrine Tin.


The first thing you’re going to need is a candy/mint tin.  You can use Vintage tins as well, the last one of these I made  (see below) I used an old tobacco tin, Vintage items frequently have beautiful art work and colors that can really add to a “distressed” art project.  The old tins can run anywhere from $2-20 bucks and can be found in local Antique stores or checkout online shops with Etsy or eBay.

I found two of these (new, but empty)  mint tins in a 2nd hand store I regularly frequent for .50 cents each. I know they don’t look very “Vintage” at the moment, but hang on, see that bit of sandpaper back there?


How about now?  Just give the whole tin a good scrub, inside and out, paying particular attention to areas you don’t want to show up later like the words on the front and back were things I wanted gone.  So sanded a bit heavier there.  Plus, later when we dig the paints out, they’re going to stick on to the metal better.  Sorry, didn’t get any pics on the after sanding part (yes, I’m going to use my painful shoulder as an excuse for as many times as possible totally disregarding instances of probable mental lapses, he, he).


So this is (most) of the paints I used.  There was also a bottle of Distress Paint in Aged Mahogany too but – you know, the shoulder.  What’s cool about Tim Holtz’s Distress line is they react to water.  So I smeared a bunch of the Weathered Wood, Walnut Stain and Aged Mahogany on my craft mat, wet a brush and just slapped it all over the sanded tin.  I let it dry, then did the same again only this time before it was completely dry I spritzed some water on and let it run a bit.  Let it dry again (sometimes I helped it along with a heat gun – careful though – tin heats up very quickly so don’t burn your fingers).  Still wasn’t looking “distressed” enough so out came the Distress Spray Stain bottles in Picket Fence and Black Soot.  Very lightly sprayed this product on and then spritzed with water.  That’s better, now I’ve got a good old aged pewter/tin look going.  I’ll mention here that there is no right or wrong way of doing this. I prefer the Distress line of paints and inks but you can use any type of acrylic paint, ink brands, markers, colored pencils, crayons – just Google images of upcycled tins and get a creative blast of what you can do with these things.


Once you’ve got your tin to the right stage of “shabby” then start assembling a collection of items/ephemera that you want your shrine to focus on.  This shrine is going to get listed in my Etsy shop as a Valentine gift.



In keeping with the aged/distressed look I cut out the flowers from some large lace and then smudged Distress Ink all over them and positioned them inside the tin, gluing down with Aleen’s when I liked placement.


I had a scrap of craft tin edging which I cut to fit the left inside portion of the tin and then I finger-painted with colors I thought would go with the overall theme.


Next I made a bouquet of flowers using various beads and silver and gold metal wires.  When I had a nice size bunch I just twisted a wire around the stems and trimmed the ends so the bouquet would fit well on the right side of the tin.  Sorry, no step by step for the bead bouquet – that damn shoulder.

I also gathered some metal word tags (from the Tim Holtz line) a clear acrylic red heart, some rhinestone accents, keyholes, accent brads and more goodies; some made the cut some didn’t, but give yourself plenty of things to choose from and try various combinations until you’ve got the look you like.


When you think you’ve got it nailed then it’s time to start gluing. I like E6000 for this kind of combinations, metal to fabric, metal to metal, plastic to metal – it works well, just be sure to give it time to set and DO NOT try to hurry it along with the heat gun. Glue in one piece then go empty the dryer.  Come back and glue in another piece and check on a friends latest blog post, glue another …



We’re making good progress.  The four beads are going to be the “feet” for the shrine.  I always like to raise my projects up and the feet make the shrines look really nice and they will stand either open or closed.



Moving to the front next.  There are holes in the keyhole and the word band where you can mount these with brads and/or ribbons, etc. but I don’t won’t to have to punch holes in my tin or have things coming through to the inside that I would then have to either incorporate into my inside decor or cover up so I’ll make faux brads here.  Using wire cutters, simply cut off the arms of the brads up close to the underside of the head of the brads and then with a dab of E6000 on a toothpick smear the back and set the brad into the appropriate hole area – now go get another chore done.

Of course, these metal accents are way to new and pretty looking so pick a couple of paints and smear some around then when it’s almost dry wipe most of it back off and just like that we have a Vintage patina.  Now glue those babies on and maybe give your mom a call.



Oh ya, I forgot to mention (ow, shoulder, ow), I don’t like my keyholes to show the same background of what I’m gluing them to so I sometimes blackout that area with a sharpie or insert a picture back behind or in this case, I added a scrap of lace.  It just looks better IMHO.

So have you seen those rhinestone flourishes?  Lot’s of companies make them and they come in a variety of colors and shapes.  I should have a picture to add here, but, the shoulder again.  I found a set in a light pink that I liked on my Vintage tin so I snipped out sections and stuck them on, even adding a single one off the lower point of the keyhole.  They looked a bit too shiny so I smudged them with gray ink and then hit ’em with the heat gun for just a few seconds until they went a little “milky” looking, yes, that’s the distressed look I was after.


I even added one to the inside – a small flourish by I firmly believe my version of art is in the details.  Turn the tin upside down, mark where you want the feet to be (two on the front section and two on the back) and glue the feet beads on.  I left my tin upside down balanced in a cup while the glue set.

And it’s done!




You can add other layers of interest by using rubber stamps, collaging paper bits or washi tape – like I said – no rules.

But I like how this turned out and I hope, as you read my blogs and maybe, if I’m lucky, follow Old Raven Creates, that you are indeed “know you are loved”.

Craft On my dears.  Happy Valentines Day.


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