Giant Apothecary Cabinet – Part 2 of 5

So as you can see above, I actually started on my Giant Apothecary way back on December 10, 2016.  I started out slowly on this project as I was still getting Christmas orders into my Etsy shop and since my Etsy customers always come first, I would drop whatever I was doing until that order was packaged and in the mail.  The result was I was just sort of meandering my way through on this piece at the beginning which was fine since I had never made something like this before, didn’t really know quite how to go about it, and in truth, was pretty much just feeling my way through one step at a time.

But as I mentioned in Part 1, a broken shoulder sidelined my crafting a few weeks later and then it was another two weeks before I was back in the craft room.  But as I (again, slowly) take up this project once more, I’m ready to start catching up here on my blog with all that I have done on it to date.  So here we go:



The base for the cabinet would be made from 2 of Kaisercraft’s SB2105 Storage Unit (with 3 Drawers) and 6 of the SB2134 12 Drawer Storage Box.  Both of these units are difficult to find in the US as Kaisercraft is an Australian based company, so if you’re interested in locating some you might want to check out my Etsy shop (oldraven on Etsy) and see if I currently have them in stock.  As you can see, these units come unassembled.


This is one of the SB2134 assembled but not glued.  I always pre-assemble my kits just to make sure all the pieces are there and to see if I might need to make some minor adjustment before I start gluing.  Also, in this case, I have removed about a 1/4 of an inch from the right side upper and lower cap boards.  Here’s closer shots of the right and left sides so you can see the difference.

I used a miter saw to accomplish this, it required cutting off a 1/4″ from the right sides of 8 boards and the same on the left side of eight of the rest of the boards.  This way I could join them together in the center with no gaps thereby making them look like one solid unit.



Now that I know that it will work, I’ll take these back apart and do my painting.  I always paint my apothecary boards and the drawers using my handy little throw-away rollers, (see my “Craft Painting Time Saver” post in Dec. 2016).

Sorry, no stamina for typing yet, going to have to take a break.  But keep watching Part 3 will be coming up soon.  Till then,

Craft On !

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