Giant Apothecary Cabinet – Part 1 of 5


Where have I been?  Well, for Christmas I decided to give myself a broken shoulder. Technically, I broke it on the 23rd, but anyways, it certainly knocked me out of creative crafting mode.

I had such grand plans, too !   I had just about decided that the Christmas rush (custom orders especially) were over in my Etsy shop and that I was clear to start a very special project that I’ve had at the top of my “to do” list since early Fall 2016 but since late Summer is when my Etsy shop starts getting really busy and that the rush would go through December, I knew it would have to wait.

I’ve been wanting to make a giant apothecary cabinet using a number of the bases that I make my “standard” apothecaries from.  The standard apothecaries are usually 25 drawers or less and measure approximately 18″ x 15″ x 4″ and come in a variety of shapes – see photos below.  (Of course, these are one’s that I’ve already finished but you can still get an idea of some of the base shapes available.)


My big idea was to combine EIGHT of these apothecaries, using two different base shapes and, basically, build one large apothecary from them.  My current guess-timation on the finished size is 60″ tall x 25″ wide x 5″ deep (oh yeah – five feet tall !!!)  It would take some altering to those eight base shapes, but I was pretty sure  I could do it.  I made a good start of it, too, until a moment of slick ice hidden under a light coating of fluffy snow and I was down before I even could get a hand out to save me.

It would be two weeks before I was back in my craft room on a limited basis, but I am able to work some and OMG I am so thankful for that!  I do not do inactivity well.  I’ll start adding more “Parts” to the Giant Apothecary Cabinet” in the days to come, so stay tuned as my shoulder mends and my apothecary grows.  I can’t wait to see just what this will look like when it’s all done!!!

P.S. The feature image above is not the “Giant Apothecary currently under construction, but it is an apothecary cabinet I made using two different bases, my first attempt at combining and enlarging – that thing was covered in Swarovski Crystals and dripping in Antique Crystal Chandelier Brilliants and when the sun hit it just right it would come alive like it was lit with electrical lights – so cool.  It now lives in New Mexico.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 – and – Craft On !

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