What’s Hot in Craft Supplies

Hot glue guns have been around for a long time, I don’t know a single crafter who doesn’t have at least one and many of us have two or three with each gun being dedicated to possibly a small tip, large tip, colored glue, etc.


Check it out!  I’m not sure how long this has been available but for me it was an amazing find !!!!


I find it very frustrating when I’m in the middle of gluing and – yep – I’ve managed to go through another stick of glue and no matter how many times I pull the trigger it’s not going to squeeze one more blob out until I insert another stick – arrrrgggghhhh.


Then one day, wandering through Hobby Lobby I remembered I needed to buy another bag of glue sticks.  I had actually grabbed the sack and dumped it in my cart and was walking away when my mind finally registered what my eyes had seen.  A coil of glue?  Back up the cart baby… oh yeah, that’s what it was.  My hands trembled as I pulled the bag off the hook.  Really?  One long continuous feeding glue stick?  No more stopping, inserting, wondering why I always have to run out at the exact worse moment?  Like a starving pig at newly filled trough I grabbed every bag on the hook – whoa you little oinker, and I put most of them back – but hesitantly. What if this was a fluke and they wouldn’t reorder? What if the next time the hook was empty or, gasp, gone altogether like it never existed?

Okay, it wasn’t quite that bad, but I do admit to a bit of delirious joy.  As a base tool, a common supply I always have in my craft room, this was the best find I’ve had in years.  I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and once you get the hang of where to drape the long coil of glue while your working I can attest that this is a winner product.  The only negative I encountered, and that only once, was I set the hot tip down across the coil, and yep you guessed it, melted right through it.  Operator error and no fault of the coil.  So a big shout out to Surebonder – THANK YOU for making my crafting life easier.

Now, Craft On

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