What Just Happened…

I can’t believe there’s only ONE MORE DAY left in September !!!! This is always a busy month for me, there’s a birthday in here, an anniversary, my online shop really starts getting busy now and I always seem to “suddenly” realize that I may not have enough spiders made to cover the rush, even though I try and make at least twenty of these every week throughout the summer.

But I’m not complaining, really I’m not.  I love being this busy and I love the first peek at fall.  But this September is a little bit different – I signed up for a booth in an outdoor craft fair.  What the hell was I thinking?

I now have a “Square” and I think I know how to use it. I have all my merchandise logged into it (well, almost).  I’ve been designing booth decor, measuring and evaluating a canopy tent.  I’ve been buying, washing, ironing, sewing 12 yards of burlap to decorate my booth with. There are hundreds of little details scrambling about in my head (somewhat like the spiders above) at any given moment and I can’t leave out the worrying and “what if’s” that nibble away at my composure until my brain feels raw and well chewed.

Just one week from this Saturday – keep your fingers crossed for me, thanks.

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