The Dresser Project – Part 3

I’m a Libra.  I tell you this because apparently something inside me has really taken that fact to heart because even before I knew I was a Libra (and all that that entails) I had one overpowering mission in life = BALANCE.  My balance “gene” is particularly strong in the field of visual balance.  Whenever I’m creating something I find myself constantly weighing it with my eyes until I adjust the “weight” of colors, textures, add-ons and accents to a fine degree of visual balance.

Another personality trait of mine that strongly presents in my crafting is “directional feel”.  Huh?  Sorry, but that’s the best I could come up with for a label on an occasionally frustrating but generally positive process I go through each and every time I craft.  I’m not one of those artists who has a clear picture in their mind of what any given project is going to come out looking like.  On no, not even close on that one!  In fact, the few times I’ve tried to follow through on such an illuminated course things were broken, bad words were spoken and projects were forsworn.  For me, I just let it flow and I’m not trying to sound mystical here but I can feel a bond early on in any project and from there it’s just adding the colors, pieces and parts the project asks for until it says it’s done.

This dresser started with a bond, and then it broke.  It pretty much held that against me until the end where, finally, it relented and allowed everything to come together in harmony.  Ah, sweet balance has been achieved.



So here we are at the drawers, just a bit of variation – turning every other row upside down – gives the impression of a wider variety of floral bouquets even though there are only three.


As I offer three different lines of decorative wood knobs in my Etsy shop, it wasn’t much of a stretch to come up with the knobs I wanted for this project.  I used the green paint that’s on all of the dresser and then cut out little flower circles from a doily.  A few coats of Matte ModPodge and they’re there for life and I’m sticking with the overall theme of roses and  lacey doilies.


But the back piece looked weak by itself so some fussy cutting, a bit of glue, and now it flows right down into the top of the dresser.  That’s better.


The sides were too blunt at the end of the wallpaper border panel.  I put a doily underneath at the top so I added one, smaller, at the bottom.  But it still wasn’t right.  Another smaller but whiter and more solid doily did the trick, especially after I collaged another rose cut-out on it.


The last area that didn’t seem to be joining in was the very bottom of the main body of the dresser.  There was a lot of green down there just hanging out under those white drawer panels, so back to the doilies.  I tried collaging a large doily there first but again, it required another smaller whiter doily with a rose on top to pull it all together.

I kept having this vision in my mind of this dresser being painted and decorated to fit into almost any room with ease.  Its pretty and graceful lines should be able to lend itself, in a classic way, to live comfortably where ever it was put.  WRONG.  The only classic here was me making the classic mistake of not going with the “directional feel”.  When I first saw this dresser it was in a corner of a garage where a man had carved out a handyman workstation.  It was surrounded by home repair tools, gardening supplies and car paraphernalia.  It looked like a little girl in a pinafore at a bikers bar, completely out of place.  But somewhere between the time I brought her home and when I actually started working on her, I forgot what I knew of her.  She wasn’t classic, she was precious!  So, finally after missing the point a number of times on this project, I connected.  The soft green, the pretty, simple eyelet lace and posies set upon the old fashioned fuss of the paper doilies all came together at last.  My dresser project is now the “darling dresser”.  Somewhere out there is just the right person, with just the right home with just the right room where this darling dresser will fit perfectly.  And they all lived happily ever after.

Now, craft on!




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