The Dresser Project – Part 2

Okay, so there’s been a few stumbling blocks with this project but it’s coming along.  I’ve got it completely painted inside and out and I love the soft, sort of sage-y green I picked.  Well, I didn’t really pick it – I went to Home Depot with the wallpaper I intended to use and pointed at a section of leaf that had the color I was looking to match.  The guy behind the paint counter zapped it with this scanner unit and POOF I had a gallon of paint that was the perfect shade.  Ain’t technology cool !


While I knew the wallpaper border was going to be perfect on this dresser I knew I wanted an additional layer of color and/or texture on this piece.  Multiple layers on any project just gives that piece a depth of artistry, it’s what takes a piece of art from nice but ordinary to a true showcase of artistic design.  I always think it’s my attention to details that makes my work stand out just a shade beyond, of course I think that could also be translated as anal, oh well, which ever works, right?


So what could be that elevating factor here?  I considered some fine ivory paint speckling all over the piece, rejected.  Light bulb moment: over the years I’ve collected quite a pile of Vintage Paper Doilies and have used them in a number of projects.  These were just the thing !  After sorting through a number of sizes and shapes I found just the right ones.  CAUTION:  old doilies can be very brittle as I discovered (another one of those “stumbling blocks” I mentioned above.  I applied these with Matte ModPodge, slightly watered down and when the doilies absorb the glue they become as fragile as wet tissue paper until the glue dries completely.  Get your doily in place as quickly as possible and then don’t attempt to move it again.  I went through three doilies for this piece on the raised back cut-out.

On the top of the dresser I centered a round doily in place and then positioned my border on top of it.  I really like the way it turned out.

This wallpaper border has a repeat of the pattern every third section, which, as it turns out perfectly covered the top from side to side.  I love it when things balance out like that.

My sense of balance and order was short-lived, however.


The drawers were next up.  Again, it was the three section repeat but I had four drawers.  I twisted and turned sections, cut three panel sections every way I could and rotated them around on the four drawer fronts like manipulating a Rubic’s Cube and just like that, the flow that I had thought I had finally achieved on this piece simply slipped away again.

I get there, eventually.  Round 3 soon, till then – Craft On!



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