Mosaic Miracle

From Cute to Beautiful, Paper Mosaic – Part 1


This is a piece of doll furniture from Pottery Barn.  It was designed for the American Girl doll line so it’s pretty big at 13″ x 12″ x 5″.  A neighbor girl decided she needed to clean out her toy stash, and with her having never been into dolls, this vanity was “like new”.  It was also a well and solidly built unit and as soon as I saw it in the pile of yard sale goodies I knew what form the transformation would take.


Tim Holtz, of who you may recall me mentioning before, is my crafting hero.  His line (in coordination with Ranger and Sizzix) is my go to place for a great deal of my crafting supplies.  This product – Tim Holtz Distress Paper Mosaic Kit – was brought out earlier this year and I bought it but set it aside for a while as I was engrossed in another project at the time, and then I kind of forgot about it.  Then one day I was rearranging my craft room and was looking for a new spot to put a Kaisercraft Beyond the Page nine-drawer chest I had assembled but ended up not using.   Oh wait, maybe you’re not familiar with Kaisercraft.  This is an Australian based company that produces wonderful scrapbook paper lines, some embellishment items, dies, stamps and my favorite – the Beyond the Page products.  These are “kits” that need to be assembled ranging from Christmas 25-drawer advent calendars to accordion books, wall words, albums and much more.  Check ’em out sometime, it’s great crafting stock.

But back to my story.  So I had this wonderful little chest in hand when my eyes fell upon the Distress Paper Mosaic Kit – ooh, I got chills.  This paper mosaic technique is SO EASY with just three bottles of product involved:  1. Paper Mosaic Grout – this goes on soft as warm butter, it’s white but you can add color/ink to make it what ever color you want.  It has “grit” in it so when it’s dry it really looks like the sandy grout tile mosaic artists use.  2. Paper Mosaic Glue – pretty self explanatory.  3.  Paper Mosaic Glaze – a dimensional clear gloss medium that provides a shiny 3-D effect on paper surfaces to glaze and magnify mosaics.

I swear, this comes out looking so much like a real mosaic using broken china or tile.  Only you can do really small things with it.  I of course, had to put this aspect to the test right off.





This is the Beyond the Page chest I mentioned above.  The finished dimensions are only 6½” tall x 5¾” wide x 2½” deep (approx) each of the nine drawers are 1¾” x 1½” x 1½”.   Those little diamonds and tear drops of paper are about 1/4 of an inch!  What do you think – didn’t it turn out great!

So that was my first time at playing with the paper mosaic, the second time was the vanity.  My next blog will focus on the vanity transformation  – till then, Craft On.

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