Steampunk Pumpkin – Part 4

Somebody Smack Me…


if I ever decide to do an EXTRA LARGE PUMPKIN AGAIN (well, as a project for a blog post, anyways).  But alright, I’ve got all his new “skin” on and it turned out just as totally awesome as I thought it would.  Right now though, I’m going to back things up a bit and cover some details that got passed over in previous blogs but that I think are important to having your steampunk pumpkin come out just as great as this one.


I like to craft with Aleen’s Tacky Glue and I like my glue to be ready to come out of the bottle right when I reach for it.  That’s why this bottle is upside down in an old coffee mug (but isn’t my dragon peaking over the edge just too cute?).  This was a favorite mug but when it got one too many chips I retired it to my craft room.  When you’re not using the glue, put the lid back on but keep it inverted.


Another handy thing to have around, not just for this project, is a wet/extremely damp wash cloth.  I keep mine on an old plate so papers, etc. don’t inadvertently get wet. With this project, fingers get sticky with drying glue frequently and you’ll need to wipe off excess glue that gets squeezed out as you press fresh pieces of foil down.  Paper towel gets the really goopy messes.  I like to be as green as possible so I save all “lightly used” paper towels, like the one I used for a napkin at lunch but didn’t really get anything on.  I keep an old large Kleenex box on my work table and shove all these extra paper towels and unused napkins into it – trees love me and I have lot’s of craft rags when I need them.

So here we go, an around the world on my completely covered pumpkin:






Even though I was laying riveted foil pieces in my sleep (literally), he’s finally ready for the final stages.  Next, I will add a vintage grunge patina with black acrylic paint.  I will also make some curly vines out of heavy gauge black wire and some pumpkin leaves, appropriately steampunked, as well.


Remember the big sheet of foiled craft paper that I started this project with?   It was 22″ x 20″.  This little pile of scraps is all that is left of that huge sheet!  That was cutting it close.


If you look real close at this pic above you can see some dried glue smeared around here and there.  Rinse out that old wash cloth, ring it out pretty good and now gently rub down the whole surface of the pumpkin, getting into the edges where glue gobs might be hiding.  DON’T get a lot of water on this surface, just enough to get the extra glue off.  I kind of do a running clean up though-out the project, but it always needs a final cleaning at the end before it gets the paint.


You might find that you rolled up an edge of foil in a spot or two, just tack these back down with a bit of glue.

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been working towards here.  Adding the patina, the wire and leaves, it’s what really brings the pumpkin’s personality to life.  Who knows, I might try something with a few well placed screws or gears, or maybe I’ll think he looks perfect just the way he is.  I’ll find out tomorrow, and so will you.  Till then, Craft On.

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