Halloween Decorations

Who’s Thinking About Halloween?

Okay, I know some of you are saying “Halloween, really?  Already?”  Oh ya, I am.  As far as I’m concerned it’s never too early for Halloween goodies and ideas.  This is by far my most favorite Holiday.  Everything about Halloween is FUN, let me list some of it’s best features:

Unlike Christmas, where everyone totally overspends, rushing about like crazy people to get packages in the mail, make sure you’ve bought something for everyone you’ve ever known, worry if it’s too much or too little, send out greetings, throw a party, attend (x#) of parties you’d rather not go to, maintain a positive Christmas spirit for 25 days solid and then mentally and physically collapse on the 26th  – VS –  Halloween is spooky fun, pig out on candy, laugh at costumes, attend parties that are a blast, throw parties that are a blast and did I mention the having fun part?

Unlike Thanksgiving, where everyone stresses over those Thanksgiving family get-together’s, making a feast, attending a feast, etc. – VS – Halloween is FUN.

Unlike Easter (okay, I’m going to stop this now), but you get my point – I think Halloween is just fun.

So, in the spirit (yes, pun intended) of this grand Holiday, I make lots of decor items for Halloween, mine and yours!  I just finished another batch of Black Widow Spiders.  These lovely ladies are a great addition to your creepy Halloween arsenal.  Perch one on a carved pumpkin, scatter handfuls around a Halloween buffet, add as an embellishment to your witch hat, set a couple on your desk at work and see how long it takes for someone to notice or  suspend from the lip of your favorite cocktail the “Black Widow”.


The most popular Black Widows I make are the ones that are “life size”.  These little beauties look great added to anything you want a perfect finishing flourish of creep added to.  Then there’s also the “Large” Black Widows, these babies have about 3″ of extra delicious toxicity.


Isn’t she lovely?  And last in my collection to incite arachnophobia is my “Ghost Spider”.  This is the incredibly rare albino Black Widow Spider – perhaps not as sexy as her ebony sisters, but just as nasty.


Check out my Etsy shop (follow the link above) to other ideas for using these notorious naughty ladies.

Craft On !

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