My Paper Floor – 3rd Post


Progress Is Being Made


So, as you can see in the photo above, we’re rolling now!  Let me take you through all the items pictured above.  You will need a trash can, at times you will need to tear off sections of a piece of paper in order for it to fit better (like around a vent opening, etc.) you also might find a bit of wall plaster you missed on the clean up (or up under those baseboard edges chips tend to drop down) or you flub a piece that you’re gluing down – don’t sweat the small stuff, just trash that piece and move on.  You can barely see in the picture, but I have an old hand towel, nice and wet, draped over one end of the trash can.  This is a necessity, you will shortly have both hands fairly sticky with glue, having something to quickly wipe your hands on will become very important – trust me.  Next to the trash can is a weird green stool.  This is actually a garden stool but the height and the ability to rock forward and side to side makes this little stool perfect for this job.  Some folks use knee pads and are right down on the floor, use what ever works best for you.  A red plastic paint roller pan is the next tool.  I just pour about  an inch of the watered down glue into this and about the time I’ve used up that portion, I’m ready to get up and move around a bit. The plastic pan cleans up easily, too.  Can you see the brush in the pan?

IMG_0004 (2)

That’s just a natural bristle 2″ craft brush you can get at any craft/art supply store.  This is the same brush I used on my living room floor and now for my craft room floor.  I found this puts down the perfect amount of glue and is easy to clean.

IMG_0007 (3)

Next, a close up of the blue bucket/bin. It probably holds about 2-3 quarts.  I mixed my water to glue, 1/2 and 1/2 ratio, in this.  Stir it well, and each time you add more to pan, stir it again before pouring.  In between, I just covered mine with tin foil to keep it fresh.  Last, a nice big pile of your torn and wadded paper pieces.

IMG_0001 (2)

Starting at the end farthest from the door, paint some glue down on the floor where you will place your first piece.  Lay the first piece near where you’re going to place it with the back side up and paint it with glue.  Set the piece in place and with your hand smooth out any air pockets or excess glue.  Put a light coating of glue all over the top of the first piece and that’s it, you’re on your way to a new floor.  I like to run three or four feet in either direction of my first corner, placing edge pieces down, then as I fill in that section, repeat the procedure right on down the wall line.  Remember to always work  from the furthest wall towards the door, this way you don’t “paint” yourself into a corner.  The paper will look considerably darker when it’s wet and DON’T PANIC the paper also ripples and puckers when it’s wet but as it drys it will smooth back out.  Drying time will depend on your area’s weather, time of year, etc. but generally speaking the glue drys pretty fast and I found having a small fan blowing across the floor as I worked helped me stay cool and the floor dried very quickly indeed, roughly one section would be dry in an hour or so.Those are sunbeams in the pic below,

IMG_0004 (1)

not a mistake with my application, but you can see the inside pieces towards the corner are dry and the one’s out towards the room are ones I just put down and are still wet.  Can you see how much darker they are?

IMG_0008 (1)

Ah, a wonderful picture of the artist at work, but at least you can see how well my little stool works.  Having already done this type of floor once, I admit that here at the beginning I was acknowledging the fact that I had a few days ahead of me of “grunt work”.  It’s a lot of time to be bent over or down on your knees, BUT,  I could already picture my new craft room with a floor I could actually wipe up with ease and would look totally awesome.  And of course, one of the most important factors of all, a new floor for less than $150 dollars, seriously!!!!  Also, the fact that five years down the road I’m still getting compliments on my living room floor helps me stay on track, as well, and I gotta say – I’m proud of the fact that between my husband’s and I’s elbow grease our home is a unique showcase to our own efforts.

IMG_0001 (1)


And so each day more floor done.

IMG_0005 (2)


Until finally, we’re almost out the door.  But before I move on from this latest pic I want to point out the opening to the left of the center door.  That’s a closet.  If you want to get the most usable space out of a (small) room and you have a closet like this one with the two sliding doors, then take off the doors, remove what ever they slide on or through on the floor, and open that area up making it part of the room.  You can still use it for storage but you will have much more area for that purpose with the doors off.  I put a couple of those multi-drawer bins on wheels in there (along with a ton of other stuff) and where the doors cut off light so you’re always digging around in the dark as well as cutting off access, now I can find what I’m looking for in there.  We did this in one of our other extra bedrooms that we had converted into an office.  For this one we removed all but the top shelf of that shelf you see here still hanging from the wall.  In that closet we put one side of a large corner cut computer desk which freed up an amazing amount of floor space for the rest of the room.


Okay, back to the job.  Another post tomorrow.


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