My Paper Floor – 2nd Post


While prepping the sub-floor during the day, at night, while we watch TV our crafty hands are busy getting the paper ready.  Again, there’s a multitude of choices here but for this project I’ve chosen five different rolls of Kraft paper.  You can get Kraft paper at office supply stores, Dollar stores, Walmart, craft stores and even building supply centers although these rolls are much larger heavier paper and are actually meant for protecting floors from paint splatters and such.  I chose my five rolls of paper from five different places, making sure to get different brands and thicknesses of paper. By doing this I will ensure that my floor has a very diverse pattern when finished.  My goal is to have it come out looking like a “dry stream bed” or flagstones. This is also what I did for my living room floor only on that floor I used larger pieces of paper, for my craft room I have elected to use smaller pieces because once I get all my furniture and supplies back in this room very little floor will actually be seen so I want to show as much pattern diversity in the floor as possible in the space available.

So now we have all these rolls of paper.  Taking one roll at a time I tear off a three foot section. Tear – don’t cut, you want rough edges here.  Then I continued to rip up this section into roughly 8″ x 8″ down to 3″ x 3″ pieces of very irregular shapes.  Go through all the rolls and repeat this process.  Now that you have a big pile of paper chunks start wadding.  Take each piece and crumple it up real good and then barely smooth it back out.  What you’re doing here is creating little “crack” lines in the paper that, when glued down, will give the look of weathered stone.  (I know, I know, but seeing is believing).  Put everyone in the room to work on this part of the job because you’re going to need A LOT of pieces to complete a floor.  You will need some pieces that have one remaining edge that is straight.  These pieces will be the ones you use on the wall/edges all around the room and at the doorway(s).  Keep these edge pieces separate from the others.  For all the other pieces, no straight edges.  I found it easiest to tear off the straight sides from the big piece you take off each roll to break down into the smaller pieces.  Once you have those sides off, them tear them down into the smaller pieces.


These are some of the other supplies you will need. Depending on the size of floor you’re working on you may need more or less, but my craft room is about 12′ x 10′ and as you can see I’ve used most of the glue and will use approximately 3/4 to the full gallon of Varathane.  Before we move on, a note about the Varathane:  it comes in Satin, Gloss, Semi-Gloss and you can use which ever you like best BUT be sure you choose the WATERBASED formula.  The waterbased has almost no odor, dries very quickly and is tough.  Waterbased Varathane is not to be confused with Oil based.  If you use oil based you will have a hot mess instead of a beautiful floor – so don’t even think about it!

All for now, more DIY paper floor to come soon.

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